Hiring professionals for effortless real estate photo editing

If there is a demand for real estate there is also a demand for photography. Photos of houses are usually displayed on various property listings online. If you want to show off your listings therefore it is essential to have stunning photos and even short videos of each properties to captivate a client’s heart. You need more pieces of evidence to show your prospective client not just a great skill in sales talk. Having a great quality photo is undeniably a vital factor to sell more properties in a least amount of time. But simply using your smartphone is never enough in taking pictures for your listing if you want to stay ahead in the real estate industry.

A professional real estate photographer is the only one who can certainly provide best photos and capture the emotion of a space. They have the ability to highlight the important features in each property that will ignite impression to home buyers. Below are the lists of best real estate photographers servicing in their field over the years.

1. Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is one of the best real estate photographers not just in the United States but in the world. He is based in Los Angeles but frequently travels around the world to capture stunning pictures of various properties. He specializes in commercial spaces, interiors, architectures and aviation photography as well. He creates interesting and dynamic images that instantly attract people.

2.Harry Lim

Harry Lim is a professional photographer based in Orlando, Florida who specializes in architecture, interior and vacation houses. He is the owner of Harry Lim Photography servicing the Central Florida. He knows how to enhance the space and make a great first impressions of the property. His goal is to bring out the best of each shot to be able to sell the property fast.

3.Scott Basile

Scott Basile is a San Diego based commercial and residential photographer specializing in interiors and architecture. His clients range from interior designers, luxury real estate agents and architects. His works has been published in The New York Times, San Diego Magazine, The Wallstreet Journal and more. Scott Basile approach each photoshoot with enthusiasm and excitement. His priority is to help his clients achieve their marketing goals. He also has skill in real estate photo editing.

4.Richard Caplan

Richard Caplan is a professional photographer based in New York City who specializes in interior and architectural photos. He is one of the leading luxury real estate photographers in New York. His expertise is creating still images of spaces that tell stories.

5.Brandon Beechler

Brandon Beechler is an Orange County freelance photographer who specializes in interiors and architectural photography. His career started from real estate agent but eventually become a professional real estate photographer. Through the years, his style has matured and grown. He now produces top notch photos by using modern techniques.

6.Iran Watson

Iran Watson is a professional photographer whose work is based in Marietta, Georgia. He was being recognized as the 2012 Real Estate Photographer by PhotographyForRealEsatate.net for his amazing works. Most of his techniques and methods are very meticulous that enhance the quality of his photographs.

7.Jason Hulet

Jason Huletis based in Traverse City, Michigan and has been in the real estate photography since 2003. He also specializes in cinematography. His works are always patronized by his clients for making their properties stand out in the listings.

8.Aubrey Antis

Aubrey Antis is a professional real estate photographer who is servicing the Southern California areas. She helps real estate agents showcase properties in the best way possible to make sale real fast. Her goal is to produce exceptional photos and videos that create emotion in the prospective homebuyers.

9.Bree Hunter

Bree Hunter is based in the United States who specializes in real estate and architectural photography. Her goal is to produce perfect pictures for the real estate agents to market their listing properly. She always insists on professionalism and punctuality on each individual project that she had.

10.Jonathan Kissock

Jonathan Kissock is a commercial and architectural photographer based in Adelaide, Austarlia. He has several years of experience in capturing photos of the most luxurious and exclusive homes in Adelaide. He has meticulous eyes to details to ensure the final images are beyond clients’ expectation.

These photographers are truly excellent in their field. They are of great help in the real estate business.

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