Do you have the most high-tech equipments to be used for real estate photography? How about the skills needed for a professional photographer? You may have these two qualities mentioned above, but the thing is, can you shoot perfectly for real estate photographs? According to reliable sources we have gathered, there is no such thing as a perfect photo without it being edited by a professional editor.

Having a real estate business requires you to provide high-quality images for the viewers, most especially to the potential home buyers. Always take note that the buyer’s decision is based on the photo you have provided them. So it is important that you will catch their eyes through the use of a quality photo.

In order for you to achieve the quality that you desire, you should take note of the following do’s and don’ts when it comes to editing a real estate photographs.

The following are the do’s in real estate photo editing

You can correct the color of the image upon utilizing color correction. Sometimes the camera settings, the environment’s condition, as well as the lightings do not fall in its place accordingly. Due to this matter, the color of an image is being changed, but not in a good manner. In this case, you can adjust the color of the image through color correction.

You may also enhance the image by using image enhancement. Through the use of this, you can adjust the vibrance, saturation, brightness, sharpness, and any other properties of the photo.

Another thing that you may change is the appearance of the sky. When doing an exterior shooting, the sky may become too cloudy, making the surroundings appear gloomy. If you want to make the photo warmer, you can change the cloudy sky into a sunny sky.

The don’ts in real estate photo editing are as follows

You should never change the background of the real estate image. For example, the actual background of the property is a farm. In order for it to be like by home buyers, you will replace the farm by a beach. That thing is not allowed in real estate photo editing because that kind of editing is a misleading one.

In addition, you cannot remove the permanent structures along the property. It may be the basis for you to be filed in a case called material misrepresentation. To avoid such a thing, you may leave that to the photographer. You can ask him/her to adjust the angle positions for unnecessary objects not to be visible in the photo.

You should also avoid presenting false information about the property. You cannot just simply fix the large holes present in the wall to hide the property’s imperfection. You need to be honest in this case because the home buyer might sue you when they noticed that. However, you can talk to the client and be honest with the property’s condition. You can deal up with them honestly and talk about the problem. It is up to you whether you will fix it on your own or with the help of the home buyer.

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